Monday, April 28, 2014

KCSC ACT Hep B Results & Vaccination #1 Day

On April 6th and 13th, the Korean Community Service Center (KCSC), in partnership with AAHI, conducted their Results & Vaccination #1 Days at New Covenant Fellowship Church (NCFC) and St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church (SAKCC). These two events were the second part of their Active Care and Treatment (ACT) of Hepatitis B Project. Community members who previously attended the Education & Screening Days in March returned to receive their test results. Volunteer physicians provided one-on-one consultations with the community members about their results and next steps. If needed, community members were able to receive the first of three hepatitis B vaccination shots. KCSC will provide the second and third shots of the three-shot hepatitis B vaccination series in May and October.

Community members had the opportunity to visit a resource table that had a variety of information on Montgomery Cares Clinics, the STOP B Program, and general health.

AAHI thanks our partners at KCSC, volunteers, Health Promoters, and staff for all their hard work in making the Results & Vaccination #1 Days successful!

Please click on the thumbnail below to see the rest of the pictures from the events.
04-06-14 & 04-13-14 KCSC ACT Hep B Results & Vaccination #1

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