Thursday, March 3, 2011

AAHI Launches New Website and Five-Year Strategic Plan

AAHI Community,

On Tuesday, March 1st, AAHI Steering Committee officially launched AAHI's newly fashioned multilingual and culturally competent website. In addition to the website, our Steering Committee also supported us in launching AAHI's five year Strategic Plan. The new website and Strategic Plan were unveiled nationally and sent to all our partners and supporters through AAHI's bi-monthly newsletter. Thank you to our Steering Committee for your continual support.

AAHI Website:
AAHI's website is available in English and four Asian languages: Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi. This website is a source for the community to learn more about AAHI, our programs, projects, to download free educational materials, read our publications, find resources in the County, learn ways to get involved and more. The updated website will be a valuable resource for the community. Please visit the website at

Strategic Plan:
As the pan-Asian American-serving health program in Montgomery County, AAHI remains committed to improving the health of Asian Americans. AAHI has formulated a strategic plan with five strategic targets to define and guide their goals and objectives between 2011and 2015. Please click here to view the Strategic Plan.

Target A: Enhance access to culturally and linguistically competent care
Target B: Promote community mobilization and empowerment
Target C: Strengthen partnerships and collaborations
Target D: Enhance data collection and reporting
Target E: Establish organizational sustainability

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