Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Recap: Health Promoter Training - Mental Health

On December 8, AAHI's Health Promoters got together for their bi-monthly training on mental health. We invited two behavioral health providers to come join us for a discussion on the steps of getting mental health care one might need.

Instead of the usual training format, AAHI hosted a panel discussion to encourage our Health Promoters to share their outreach experience in the Asian American community regarding mental health. Our panelists for the training are Nouf Bazaz and Jenni Young. Nouf, Senior Fellow at the World Organization for Resource Development & Education (WORDE), serves as the Program Director of the International Cultural Center (ICC) Crossroads, a program of WORDE that provides counseling, case management, and positive youth development programming to refugee and immigrant families. Jenni, Licensed Couples and Family Therapist, works with the Mandarin-speaking population in Baltimore. She is also completing her PhD in Family Science at the University of Maryland.

During the evening, our Health Promoters asked questions on cultural sensitives and strategies on explaining mental health to community members and had an insightful conversations with the panelists. Our panelists also share their experience on working with clients who are Asian Americans and acknowledge the importance of raising awareness about getting mental health care with community members.

We would like to thank both Nouf and Jenni for coming during their busy schedules and providing us with such a useful training!

Fun Fact: Did you know that both Nouf and Jenni are in our newly published mental health photonovel 2? Go to our Resource Library to find out more!

Click on picture above to see more pictures from the evening!

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