Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Burmese Water Festival

This past Sunday, June 6th, the Burma America Buddhist Association celebrated the Burmese New Year. The festival is called Thingyan and is widely known as the Water Festival. Traditionally, this celebration is held in April, but due to weather concerns, it was pushed back to June.
The event was filled with traditional dances and food. The children played with water and splashed attendees. AAHI set up an information table. Along with educating the community members about AAHI, AAHI was able to learn about the Burmese culture.

AAHI would like to thank the Burma America Buddhist Association for allowing us to participate in this festive celebration!

Attendees offering food to the Monks.

Atyya and health promoters, Shamim and Peter putting together AAHI informational bags.

Peter handing out AAHI informational bags to festival attendees.

Kids getting ready to splash the attendees.

Health promoters, Shamim and Jean educating Burmese community members about AAHI.

Shamim reaching out to a Bengali family in attendance at the festival.

Jamie, Shamim and Peter enjoying falooda, a traditional Burmese dessert.

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