Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Montgomery General Health Fair

We want to thank Montgomery General Hospital for inviting us to participate in this year’s health fair. The health fair was held on Saturday, February 27th in the conference rooms at Montgomery General Hospital. The health fair was intended for general populations. The AAHI performed bone density screenings and education. The bone density screening was done on the heel and served as an initial risk assessment for osteoporosis. The event was very successful; we had a total of 60 participants for screening and education. For the education portion, the health educators discussed the screening results, osteoporosis information and calcium intake with the participants.
The participants provided positive feedback of our event. When asked about the screening and education, participants continued to mention how helpful it was. One participant said “it was so helpful; it was an excellent opportunity to learn about osteoporosis”. The participant continued to say “My results surprised me. Now that I am aware of my bone density, I can take the results to my doctor and tell him that I need a full-body scan.” Another participant spoke of how helpful and informative the educational portion was, the participant was unaware of exercise regimens that could prevent osteoporosis as well as non-dairy sources of calcium. The positive feedback from participants has validated our efforts of outreach, screening and education.
This was an excellent opportunity for AAHI to reach out to general populations and educate them about AAHI.

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