Monday, September 12, 2016

Recap: FIRST Project at Chinese Bible Church of Maryland

On September 10, AAHI hosted our first Faith-based Initiative for Resources and Services Training (FIRST) at the Chinese Bible Church of Maryland (CBCM)! This 3-hour training, called "AAHI 101 and Guide to Local and County Resources", is our first collaboration with a Faith Based Organization (FBO) designed to educate and equip FBO members about various county and local health and social resources available for Asian Americans.

This training was led by Huyen Bui, AAHI Resource Coordinator, and Luis Martinez, Office of Community Affairs Diversity Outreach Coordinator. They provided caregivers at CBCM an extensive overview on various local and government health and social services resources available and shared their experience on where and how to access the services and resources from different offices and programs in Montgomery County. 

Over 35 attendees came to our workshop. Thank you to the Chinese Bible Church of Maryland for having us and we hope to continue our collaboration with CBCM in the future!

Please click on the image below to see more photos from the training!

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