Friday, August 5, 2016

Best of Luck, Harihar!

AAHI bids farewell to our Program Assistant, Harihar Bhattarai. Harihar joined AAHI last August and has been an indispensable member of our team since. Before he leaves, we had a short interview with Harihar on his experience working at AAHI and here are his responses!

Q: When did you join AAHI?
A: August, 2015.

Q: What brought you here?

A: After graduation, I was looking for a job where I could apply my undergraduate knowledge and skills to give back to the community and make positive impacts on public health. AAHI provided me opportunities to do so as I directly/in-directly participate in its various projects, trainings and community outreach events. In addition, I also wanted to get an idea on how a government program functions in the Public Health field. AAHI gave me an opportunity to learn about the multiple facets of a program run by the government, such as planning, budgeting, advocacy, and so on.

Q: What are your responsibilities at AAHI?
A: In general, my responsibility is to make sure that AAHI’s administrative matters are executed effectively and efficiently in a professional manner. My main responsibilities include providing office support such as scheduling visitor and phone reception, data entry and management, managing and coordinating meetings, workshops, and events, and maintaining AAHI’s internal and external communication.

Q: What are some of the fondest memories you have while working here?
A: One of the great things about working at AAHI is the professional environment. Staff at AAHI are always professional and have a good sense of team spirit with a strong work ethic. I also enjoyed working with a team who has a decent sense of humor in addition to its commitment towards quality work. One of the fondest memories that I will never forget was the way I revel my secret to staff members after coming back from my vacation and the reaction I received from them. Let me keep it a secret here as well!

Q: What’s your next destination?

A: I am currently enrolled in a master program in Epidemiology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In addition, I am also getting my certificate in Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control.

Harihar, we will miss you at a lot at AAHI! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to AAHI during your time here. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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