Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy Montgomery is Recruiting Asian American Representatives!

Healthy Montgomery is Montgomery County’s ongoing community health improvement process. Its goals are to: 
  • Improve access to health and social services;
  • Achieve health equity for all residents; and 
  • Enhance the physical and social environment to support optimal health and well-being. 
Healthy Montgomery brings together individuals representing a broad range of Montgomery County organizations and agencies to develop and implement action plans. The action plans aim to improve the health and well-being of all Montgomery County residents, especially groups in high-risk situations. Action plans were developed for two topic areas: behavioral health and obesity. The plans were approved by the Healthy Montgomery Steering Committee in March 2014 and implementation has begun.

Healthy Montgomery is seeking representatives with expertise on the Asian American community to serve on the work groups/task forces that will be implementing the action plans. Work group and task force members will serve not only in an advisory role but will also be asked to participate in the implementation work based on their expertise, interest, and availability. It is important to Healthy Montgomery that culturally diverse voices are heard, in addition to implementation work benefiting all populations and reflecting their needs. 

More information about Healthy Montgomery can be found at If you are interested in participating on a Healthy Montgomery work group/task force, have questions, or want more information, please contact Susan DeFrancesco at 240-777-1704 or at

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