Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recap of Past Events

On Saturday, March 17, Holy Cross Hospital, AAHI, and other MOTA partners hosted the Cancer: It does not Discriminate event at Holy Cross Hospital. The day included a lecture on breast cancer, a presentation of local cancer resources, and testimonies given to a panel of Montgomery County officials. Two of AAHI's health promoters shared their testimonies: one about a family member who had difficulty navigating the US healthcare system, and another about helping an Asian American family receive treatment. There were also great cultural performances and a variety of ethnic foods. Another highlight was when some of the AAHI health promoters joined in African dancing!

03-17-12 Cancer It does not discriminate

AAHI staff quotes on Adventist HealthCare's Center on Health Disparities
March is Women's History Month, so Adventist HealthCare's Center on Health Disparities periodically posted quotes on facebook from local women who work toward improving health disparities. Two of AAHI's staff members were included in this project. You can read their quotes, as well as others, here.

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