Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cancer: It Does Not Discriminate

A reminder to join AAHI at the upcoming Cancer: It does not discriminate event this Saturday, March 17. Additional information is provided in the flyer below.

A recent CDC report showed that screening rates for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer are still below the Health People 2020 targets. Asians in particular had the lowest screening rates for all three cancer screenings. It's important to get screened since early detection of cancers can lead to better outcomes. Take advantage of FREE cancer screening events available in the community! Information is available in this previous post.


  1. Cancer is a very serious condition that each of us must be aware of. Conditions like this must be prevented. The title of the blog really captures my eyes. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your message. Cancer: It Does Not Discriminate is an annual event. I would like to invite you to attend next year if you are in the area.
    Thank you
    Perry Chan

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