Monday, November 28, 2011

AAHI in the News

AAHI Community,

One of our goals at AAHI is to educate the community on health concerns and prevention. In order to broaden our health education tactics, we have initiated a health education media campaign through ethnic newspapers. Ethnic newspapers serve as an important platform to reach out to the community and provide health education and information on health resources and services. The health articles we write are culturally and linguistically tailored to address the topic in an appropriate manner. These articles are intended to be beneficial for the readers.

This year we have been working with a few local Asian newspapers to publish these articles for community benefit:

The Epoch Times
Breast Cancer Article
Diabetes Article

India This Week
Breast Cancer Article

Washington Chinese News
Breast Cancer Article

Korean Times
Hepatitis B Article

We thank our media partners for their continual support in building a healthier community!

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