Monday, May 2, 2011

Past Events: End of April & Beginning of May

AAHI bid farewell to April and welcomed May with a full calendar of events! In a span of 6 days, we attended 5 events and coordinated 1 training.

Starting on Thursday, April 28th, we hosted the monthly Health Promoter meeting. For this meeting, we invited Mr. Aaron Williams, Director of Research, from the Danya Institute (affiliated with SAMHSA) to conduct an 'Addiction 101' training. The training was very informative touching upon substance abuse in the Asian American community, methods of prevention and treatment options. Thank you to Mr. Aaron for taking the time to train AAHI Health Promoters, interns and staff. We look forward to working with you in the future. Pictures from the training:

The training was followed by several events on Saturday, April 30th. This was a very busy yet equally exciting day for AAHI. Our AAHI team divided to participate in 3 events!
Chinese American Senior Service Association (CASSA) Health Fair: we attended this wonderful health fair and provided health education and bone density screenings. We provided health information and education on various topics including cancer, osteoporosis, hepatitis B, community resources, and diabetes. We would like to thank CASS for inviting us to participate in the event. Pictures of the event:

Also on this Saturday, we participated in the health fair at Global Mission Church (GMC). Similar to CASSA, at this health fair, we provided health information and education on a variety of concerns and conducted bone density screenings. Prior to this event, we trained volunteers from GMC at AAHI's office on how to conduct the bone density screening, interpret results and provide education. We want to thank the GMC volunteers for attending the training and for inviting us to participate in their event. Pictures of the event:

Lastly, on Saturday, we also attended an event at Holy Cross Hospital titled, To Your Health! This was a wonderful health screening and education day provided to the community. Holy Cross Hospital was providing preventative screenings including cholesterol, glucose, clinical breast exam, pap test, digital rectal exam and prostate antigen test. Thank you to Holy Cross Hospital for inviting us to attend and provide our health information. Pictures of the event:

The following day, Sunday May 1st, we had the opportunity to attend and exhibit at the Montgomery County Health & Resources Fair held at the Executive Office Building. This was a great opportunity for us to educate the community about our programs. We want to thank the organizers for allowing us to participate in this event. Pictures from event:

And finally, today, Monday May 2nd, we participated in the Active Aging Expo held at Bohrer Park in Gaithersburg. As always, this event has a lot of great organizations and activities. We attended the event to provide health information and health education various health concerns. We also utilized our Wheel of Health Education as an interactive method for engaging the community. The questions covered a variety of topics including mental health, hepatitis B, breast cancer and tobacco. We really enjoyed being with the aging community and thank you to the organizers for providing us the space to exhibit! Pictures from the event:

All these events would not have been possible with our dedicated Health Promoters- thank you all for your continual support in building a healthier community. And a great big thank you to our interns for their participation this weekend too!

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