Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome Spring 2011 Interns!

AAHI is proud to welcome their new spring 2011 interns, Patricia Nguyen and Rebeka Sultana. Both interns are joining us from the University of Maryland's School of Public Health. We hope this internship provides great learning opportunities for the young professionals and we look forward to working closely with them over the course of this semester.

Patricia and Rebeka have written a few words about themselves:

Patricia Nguyen
Patricia Nguyen is a student intern at the University of Maryland, pursing a degree in behavioral and community health. She became interested in health education after taking a fundamental community health course at the University. She is fascinated by the whole aspect of health fairs and outreach events. She enjoys speaking with residents at health fairs and community events, especially with those who are different from her; people who have different values, attitudes, and prospective about life. For that reason, she can have a better perception of ones culture(s) because values and attitudes usually merge from ones own practices.
Interning at AAHI this spring, she hopes to build a better understanding of health problems among different ethnic groups of Asian Americans, as well as to learn new strategies in promoting health to each ethnic groups. In addition, she would like to spend a quality of time in research to gain an insight of new health concerns affecting Asian Americans.

Rebeka Sultana
Rebeka Sultana is a new intern at the Asian American Heath Initiative. She is a senior at the University of Maryland; College Park. She wants to learn about people, their needs, and most importantly how to help them to achieve a better quality of life. Since she loves being close to people, she decided to study in public health. The more she learns about health disparities in America, the more she is motivated to learn how to eliminate gaps between different racial/ ethnic groups. Therefore, she decided to intern at Asian American Health Initiative. She is looking forward to gaining hands on experiences in the Public health field and understaning public health in action.


  1. Welcome, our community really appreciates the work you do.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. We truly enjoy working together with our partners in efforts for building a healthier community.