Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AAHI Health Promoter Retreat

This past Saturday, January 29th, AAHI hosted a Health Promoter Retreat. After days of harsh weather conditions and power outages, several Health Promoters came out to make the event successful. The day was filled with various activities. To start off, Health Promoters engaged in a team building exercise. The activities following were a case study on how to plan successful outreach and outreach scenario role play, these activities were meant to stimulate dialogue surrounding outreach tactics and how AAHI can improve. The retreat was a great success, Health Promoters actively participated and it became a learning opportunity for both AAHI staff and Health Promoters.

A special thanks to all our Health Promoters who attended the event and to Betty Lam, Chief of Community Affairs for also attending and showing her support of our efforts.

To view photos, click the link below:

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