Monday, April 26, 2010

Health Fair at Global Mission Church

This past Saturday on April 24th, AAHI staff and Health Promoters attended a health fair at Global Mission Church in Silver Spring. AAHI was offering osteoporosis bone density screenings as well as general information about our services. Korean community members were very excited for the screening and AAHI's line was almost out the door. We were able to screen a record number of people in just a few hours.

Thank you very much to Global Mission Church for allowing us to take part in such an excellent event! The overall event was very well organized and we had the opportunity to work with some wonderful volunteers from the Korean community.

At the head of the room, we set up our osteoporosis screening and education material.

Health Promoter Leigh Chang is performing the bone density screening on one of the day's many guests.

Senior Program Coordinator Perry Chan was helping clients fill out the registration form.

Global Mission Church provided a few great volunteers such as Elliot, seen here with one of our Health Promoters, Mae Chew. The two teamed up so that Mae, a Chinese Health Promoter, was able to provide osteoporosis education with Elliot helping with interpretation.

Health Promoter Peter Uran and University of Maryland intern Kristina Yee did a great job providing clients with information about AAHI's services.

As clients waited for the screening they read the different educational materials AAHI provided on cancer, hepatitis B, H1N1, and our Patient Navigator Program.

Thank you to all the Health Promoters and staff who were able to make it out to this event. You helped make it a successful screening!

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